Jim-Bob - Dinner Under the Stars

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Friday, 11 Jan 2019 at 7:00 pm

By Donation.

A special Dinner Under the Stars for those who like gritty alt-ol-timey country-blues. That's everyone, right?

On the outdoor stage under the summertime stars these two songsters, pranksters, raconteurs and outlaws will regale you with tales and stories from times long ago and yet to be. Both have travelled the lesser known byways on the dusty road to a Blues understanding, having a rich seam each of lifes' wonders from which to harvest their wild spun sonic gold. 

Jimmy Willing and Davey Bob Ramsey are Jim-Bob, two well travelled troubadours who have a right to sing the blues, not only do they have a right but they do it so damn well. Jimmy and Bob have captured the primal earthy sound of early country blues in what is a very lean and stripped down show. It's a less is more affair, just a guitar, a harmonica, two voices and some well told tales of love, loneliness and heartache. Blues is their specialty but they also do a grand cowboy waltz and a hell of a toe tapping polka.

Enjoy your dinner from the Cafe with a sumptuous menu from which to feast. BYO wine, beer or Moonshine.

Jim-Bob - Dinner Under the Stars

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