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Saturday, 30 Sep 2023 at 7:30 pm

Liquidelic Music Dance                     Light Show

Saturday 30th September, 7:00 pm start till Late      Book  Here

Step into the enchanting world of Liquidelic as we return to the Nimbin Bush Theatre on Saturday, 30th September.

The show starts at 7 pm. (However, you can come early for dinner at Bush Theatre Cafe. Food menu TBA.)

Prepare to be immersed in a fusion of art forms as we showcase brand-new pieces alongside our signature works.

Embark on an ocean-themed journey and dive into the enchanting story of the mermaid. With the addition of our guest vocalist, Mico Sundari, our performance reaches new heights of emotive expression and sonic beauty.

Through our innovative combination of analogue liquid-light projections, contemporary jazz dance, and hybrid live original music, we craft a sensory feast that defies classification. Join us as we blend ethereal melodies, captivating visuals, and powerful vocals to create a truly unforgettable experience.

For the past three years, we have honed our craft, exploring the realms of abstraction to uncover the depths of our performance. From the whimsical to the wondrous, join us on a transcendent voyage through the realms of nature, spirit, identity, and the profound mysteries of life itself.

Take advantage of this opportunity to witness our captivating performance at Nimbin Bush Theatre. Prepare to be transported to the edges of imagination as we guide you through a transformative journey. Step into the world of Liquidelic, where our artistry unites to create an unforgettable evening of magic and wonder.

Liquidelic is a collaborative live performance art project that combines three highly-skilled artists from different disciplines: music, visual art, and dance. Yao Mikami (Visuals) is a visionary and abstract artist from Central Japan and is now based in Australia. Karen Minami (Dance) is a Jazz-trained dancer from Tokyo with over 20 years of professional dance experience in Japan. Tim Parry (Music) is a contemporary jazz musician originally from Melbourne. The result is a dynamic and thought-provoking performance that seamlessly blends different mediums, cultures, and perspectives.
All three artists currently reside in the Byron Bay area of New South Wales, providing a unique and creative atmosphere for their performance development. The project was developed from creative jams in a community in the hinterland of Byron Bay and gained popularity after early audiences discovered these secret jams. Audience members are often moved to tears during the show, described as “a powerful form of colour therapy” and “incredible, the highest form of art.” The Liquidelic project showcases the talents of these three artists and their ability to create a mesmerising and collaborative performance, blending their cultural heritage, contemporary compositions and skilful live performance into an unforgettable show.

<Mico Sundari bio>
Voice Therapist | Nada Yogin

She was born into a family of Japanese Shinto line.
She has been dedicated to the path of “Nada Yoga”- Yoga of sound for 13 years. She has studied and practiced with great teachers such as Gina Sala (Global Vocalist /Cirque Du Soleil) and Taro Terahara ( Indian Classical Musician/Bansuli Player).

Professional yoga teachers, therapists, healers, actors, musicians, and parents highly regard her remedial voice session.
Based in the Rainbow Shire, Mico will guide you into the mystical world of your voice to heal and ignite your spirit.

A Facilitator of “New Moon Kirtan in Byron Bay” and a tutor of the Sanskrit, navigator of Byron Bay FM, Multicultural Nation, she is happily supporting people to reconnect with their inner sanctuary with the power of “Breath” and “Mantras” to manifest their divine purpose, “Samkalpa”.


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