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Ewan James

Sat, Feb 25, 2017 12:30 PM

The Phoenix Rising Cafe. Free Entry


An amazing voice from a great songwriter and interpreter. Cafe open for delicious meals. Gorgeous gardens by the Mulgum Creek.

Monkey and the Fish at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sun, Feb 26, 2017 12:30 PM

The Phoenix Rising Cafe. Free Entry.


Well loved local musicians with songs to take you on journeys around the world and beyond. Though provoking and lovely with oodles of soul! Cafe open for delicious meals. Gorgeous gardens by the beautiful Mulgum Creek. Kid Friendly!

Latin Dance Tuesday

Tue, Feb 28, 2017 5:45 PM

This is Spinal Tap

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Fri, Mar 3, 2017 8:00 PM - Ticket price: This is Spinal Tap $10.00

Rated M $10 Entry

This is Spinal Tap  is a 1984 American rock music mockumentary written, scored by, and starring Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. The film portrays the fictional British heavy metal band Spinal Tap. Directed by Reiner, the movie has a satirical but good natured look at the musical pretensions of heavy metal bands, as well as the tendencies of rock documentaries of the time to create mighty god-like visions of rockstars. ( Such as The Song Remains the Same about Led Zepplin.) Reiner and the three main actors are credited as the writers of the movie because they ad libbed much of the dialogue. The three main members of Spinal Tap — David St Hubbins, Derek Smalls and Nigel Tufnel are played by actors McKean, Shearer, and Guest, respectively. The three actors play their musical instruments and speak with mock English accents throughout the movie. Reiner appears as Marty Di Bergi, the maker of the documentary. The film boasts a huge range of comedic cameos from Anjelica Huston, Fran Dresher, Billy Crystal and many more. When the film was first released in the 80s many punters did not immediately identify it as a spoof. As the film progresses the ridiculous unbridled egos of the band plus the sycophantic management and music industry folks that surround them it becomes increasingly evident that this is not just a spoof about Heavy Metal bands, it is also a sharp and critical expose of the pretentious music industry machinations of the time. If you haven’t seen this film, or even if you have, The Nimbin Bush Theatre is the perfect setting for this hard rocking hilarious experience. Get ready to laugh, and Rock!

Bethanie Jolly at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sat, Mar 4, 2017 12:30 PM

Bethanie Jolly's captivating music will leave you swooning for the sun, the moon, the land, and the heart. Hailing from the hills, Bethanie has a pocketful of stories, her chiming soulful voice and a guitar. Her vocals range goes from earthy power to silvery honey sweetness, backed by warm, luscious finger-picking melodies. Free Entry. Cafe open. All Ages. BYO.

Dave Barbara at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sun, Mar 5, 2017 12:30 PM

Dave Barbara will caress your ears with lovely sounds in the gorgeous gardens by the bubbling Mulgum Creek. Cafe open for delicious meals, award winning coffee and sweet treats. Free Entry.

Latin Dance Wednesday.

Wed, Mar 8, 2017 5:45 PM

5.45pm  SALSA BASICS  $10

6.30pm  CHA CHA CHA   $10  Open level all welcome.

7.15pm SALSA MOVES    $15  Intermediate level

For more information contact Leyla & Rob  0418 370 098

Friday Night Movie. 1 GIANT LEAP

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Fri, Mar 10, 2017 8:00 PM - Ticket price: 1 Giant Leap $10.00

Rated M. Entry $10

1 Giant Leap is a collaborative video project for the 21st century which fuses music, words, sounds, rhythms and images from over 25 locations in 20 countries around the globe to celebrate diversity of musicians, story-tellers, authors, filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, artists, and thinkers from many different cultures. This film seeks to discover the embodiment of the unity in human diversity and is a cross-cultural exploration of universal truth as expressed through art. 1 Giant Leap is a title, a philosophy, a leap of faith that sprung from the minds of visionary UK musicians/visual artists Jamie Catto (Faithless) and Duncan Bridgeman. The two musicians set out to create a multimedia project that would encompass a CD, DVD and cinematic presentation that would offer a complex artistic statement incorporating images, rhythms and spoken word content. 1 Giant Leap was filmed over the course of six months by Catto and Bridgeman. The film features musical and philosophical contributions from Dennis Hopper, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Stipe, Robbie Williams, Eddi Reader, Tom Robbins, Brian Eno, Baaba Maal, Speech, Neneh Cherry and Michael Franti to name but a few. The band's theme for the project was "Unity Through Diversity”and the film reflects the intricate diversity of the world back to the viewer with a vibrancy that is powerful and moving. This will be unmissable on the big screen!

The World Naked Bike Ride in Nimbin

Sat, Mar 11, 2017 10:00 AM

A Protest for Peace and the Environment

2016 will be Nimbin's eighth year participating in the World Naked Bike Ride. 

The mission of the World naked Bike Ride is to present automobile traffic with naked bodies as the best way of defending the dignity and safety faced by cyclists and pedestrians. It is also a protest against the negative effects of oil, cars, war, consumerism and non-renewable energy. This has been dubbed “Biketivism” by the organisers.

The ride is not expected to be difficult for any riders and everyone is invited to participate. Firstly there is a body painting session from 10am at the Nimbin Bush Theatre, with the emphasis on fun!  After the painting the ride begins. The merry bikers will do a few laps of the main street to rapturous applause from the assembled throng.

Clothing or the lack of it is optional, however helmets are compulsory! The dress code for the World Naked Bike Ride is "Bare As You Dare!” The choice is yours to decide how naked you wish to be. If you choose to be full clothed, partially clothed, in costume, painted or completely naked, the decision is entirely up to you!

There is no registration or entry fee, just rock up with your bike and get ready for some fun!

Liquid Amber at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sat, Mar 11, 2017 12:30 PM

Having come from a background in Jazz, Reggae and Funk inspired grooves, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Hugh Jones, summons an eclectic fusion of global sounds incorporating Kalimba, M'bira, Vibraphone, Guitar, Bass, Percussion and Loops. Cafe open for delicious meals, award winning coffee and sweet treats. Gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek. Kid friendly. Free Entry.


Riverside Jazz with The Cruise Brothers at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sun, Mar 12, 2017 12:30 PM


These cats know how to play Jazz! Traditional and progressive and smooth as silk! Music to bliss out to in the gardens by the gorgeous Mulgum Creek. Free Entry. Kid Friendly. BYO

Friday Night Movie. AMY

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Fri, Mar 17, 2017 8:00 PM - Ticket price: AMY $10.00


Amy is a 2015 British documentary about the life and death of the great talent, British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Directed by Asif Kapadia the film explores Winehouse's life. Her glorious voice, her accomplished songwriting, her meteoric rise to global fame, her struggle with substance abuse, her subsequent global shaming via a bloodthirsty media, her self destruction and her tragic death. Kapadia conducted more than 100 interviews with Winehouse's friends and family that combine to provide a narrative around the star's life and is billed as "the singer in her own words.” The film shows extensive unseen footage including montages of a very young Winehouse displaying a startlingly precocious talent that would see her change the face of the music industry in her time. The film also includes unheard tracks Winehouse had recorded in the years before she died. Amy Winehouse’s second studio album Back to Black was her last album. Released on 27 October 2006 the retro masterpiece spawned five singles including the infamous Rehab. Back to Black was acclaimed by music critics, won 5 Grammy awards and sold 3.58 million copies in the UK alone, becoming the UK’s second best selling album of the 21st century. When Amy Winehouse died she was only 27 years old. Thus Amy Winehouse has joined the mythical ranks of the “27 Club”. Supernova performers who burnt brightly and changed the world, but died too young from excessive substance abuse at the age of 27. Amy has joined this heavenly band whose members include Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. Don't miss her incredible voice coming through the Nimbin Bush Theatre's awesome sound system!

The BLESS UP featuring the New Ancients

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Sat, Mar 18, 2017 12:00 PM - Ticket price: General admission to workshop $15.00

The Bless Up returns to The Nimbin Bush Theatre on March 18. An all day festival starting at 12pm and going through until midnight. The first Bless Up was held in January this year and was a party that lived up to its mission statement to empower and encourage youth driven artistic culture. Many punters described the event as ‘the best party they had ever been to”. This is a fabulous opportunity for local youth to help create and design a party that they want to go to, a place where their culture is understood and celebrated in a mighty positive fashion with the intention of creating something new and unique for the local music scene. The BLESS UP is an all ages celebration of youth culture and ideas, designed by The New Ancients. Personally influenced by the revolution that is the Hip Hop culture, the mission statement of the New Ancients is to create and hold a space of love through music, spoken word, artistic installation, dancing, positive vibes, and spontaneous co-creation. The New Ancients are Corey Fisher and Gabriel Sands, over the last ten years they have harnessed a combined passion for bringing people together and throwing parties with a difference that make an impression. The New Ancients seek to address the mental health issues we find in our society by fostering connection and interaction between people, with fun times and permission to play. 

The exciting line up includes Canberra DJ/producer Moody B, DJ Nappy Sands, rainbow region DJ/producer Wicked Hermit, Nimbin based DJ Salubrious Somethings, soul mumma Az Is, Sydney DJ/producer Spinifex, gold coast musicians Zo and Andy, Brent Joly Art Jam and MC/Poetry from Heartcore and the False Prophet.

Camping is available at the Nimbin Showgrounds for $10 per night.

This is an drug and alcohol free event.

The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be on hand with meals, cakes , coffees, teas, cold drinks and friendly staff, with gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek.

Tickets are $15 for online presales or $20 on the door.

Kiara Jack ( solo) at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sun, Mar 19, 2017 12:30 PM

Kiara Jack is an indie australiana roots artist hailing from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Her live performances conjure emotive sounds of unity and presence, infusing driving rhythms and dark piano riffs, delivering deep and meaningful songs with a soulful essence. Cafe open for delicious meals, award winning coffee and sweet treats. Gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek. Kid Friendly. Free Entry.

Chad Wilkins and Murray Kyle Garden Concert

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Sun, Mar 19, 2017 6:30 PM - Ticket price: Chad Wilkins and Murray Kyle $15.00

The Nimbin Bush Theatre proudly presents a special night of earthy roots-folk music by two prominent performers who are well known in the rainbow region and beyond. These days troubadour Chad Wilkins resides at Lake Tahoe in his native home in the US, but was based in the local area on and off over the years and developed an avid following of his music in the region. Chad is a dreadlocked Saddhu Hippy-Billy who plays joyful and devotional ethno-folk music that this mythic mistral has himself described as a ”cry for spiritual transformation.” Wether beatboxing, singing or strumming a ukulele Chad Wilkin’s musical message is one of positive and cosmic metamorphosis and a heart-felt belief in love and devotion. His latest album, The New Ancient Paradigm is a collection of stories he describes as “heart-songs.’ Chad Wilkins is a ray of inspired joy who is not afraid to shine.

Uki local Murray Kyle creates and plays a variety of wooden stringed instruments and his muse is unmistakably the planet. His sound is soaked in the timbre of handmade instruments lovingly crafted and gorgeously played. His songs are a reflection of his mystical journey and his lyrical narrative explores indigenous and alternative philosophies. Murray Kyle’s music has kept him busy with international touring of late, but he is home now and bringing his music to the Nimbin Bush Theatre for the first time.

This should be a night of wonderful and wondrous stories by two accomplished performers who are co-headlining this show. To see not one but two spiritual troubadours in one evening is a rare treat for fans of both musicians alike. The concert will be held in the gardens of The Nimbin Bush Theatre by the magical Mulgum Creek and under the mystical Milky Way. The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open with gorgeous locally sourced healthy meals, award winning coffees and teas and mouth-watering sweet treats - including a range of specialty paleo cakes. BYO permitted.


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Fri, Mar 24, 2017 8:00 PM - Ticket price: Embrace of the Serpent $10.00


Embrace of the Serpent is an “Apocalypse Now” style adventure drama film directed by Ciro Guerra and shot solely in black-and-white.The film won the Art Cinema Award at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award. It tells two stories, thirty years apart, both featuring Karamakate, an Amazonian Shaman and the last survivor of his tribe. Karamakate travels with two scientists, (firstly with German Theo von Martius in 1909 and American named Evan in 1940), to look for the rare Yakruna, a sacred healing plant. German Theo is very sick and is travelling by canoe with his field notes and a local named Manduca. Shaman Karamakate prolongs Theo's life, blasting white powder called "the sun's semen" (possibly a hallucinogenic made from Virola) up his nose. Theo must search for Yakruna as the only cure for his disease and the three set off in the canoe to search for it. Many years later an American botanist, Evan paddles up to a much older Karamakate who has apparently forgotten the customs of his own people. Evan says he is hoping to complete Theo's quest and Karamakate offers assistance, quite reluctantly, saying his knowledge is gone and his culture vanished. Evan has a book of Theo's final trek, which his aide sent back to Europe, as he did not survive the jungle. The book includes an image of Karamakate. Evan describes himself as someone who has devoted himself to plants, although his real purpose is actually to secure disease-free rubber trees. This film is a cinematic masterpiece that has been critically acclaimed across the world as powerful, timely and thought provoking and as a metaphorical fable that could apply to many parts of the planet where Indigenous cultures are being lost.

Beetle Juice at The Phoenix Rising Cafe

Sat, Mar 25, 2017 12:30 PM

Byron Bay's Beetle Juice play a smooth blend of soul, dub, hip hop & jazz. Reuben Barkley on guitar, vocals & loops; Luke Wigmore on trumpet. Sublime sounds in the gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek. Cafe open for delicious meals, award winning coffee and sweet treats. Free Entry.

Minus One on The Phoenix Rising Stage

Sun, Mar 26, 2017 12:30 PM

Free Entry. Amazing, soulful, folkie-electro wonderment on offer from Minus One. The Phoenix Rising Cafe is open for delicious locally sourced meals, award winning coffee and sweet treats. In the gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek.

Dinner Under the Stars with Tom Dibb and Band

Fri, Mar 31, 2017 6:30 PM

The Phoenix Rising Stage. Entry by Donation.

The Nimbin Bush Theatre is proud to present another night of excellent music as part of our Dinner Under the Stars series. Tom Dibb is a Uk based singer-songwriter who has been touring the world in his VW camper van “Pickle”, and in March 2017 he brings his music and van to Nimbin. 

Tom Dibb describes his “#APickleDownunder” tour as a “challenge and experiment”, he is driving Pickle across 27 countries in 27 weeks to arrive in Australia with a mission to spread the gospel of his music, “the old fashioned way”. by touring and performing relentlessly. Before arriving in Oz Tom would have travelled in Pickle from the UK overland to Australia through some of the wildest countries a musician could ever hope to tour in, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and S/E Asia. Tom is a dedicated musician and the real deal. He sings songs in the vein of Jack Johnson and John Butler, but with a distinctive alt country edge. His recent single “ Hit the Road” recorded at Grand Chapel Studios, calls to mind another Uk troubadour with itchy feet, Rory Macleod. Tom Dibb has definitely got his roots in country blues, but like Macleod, he has a trampish and raffish air and his travelling roadshow has all the flavours of the wide open road and boundless horizons.

The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open from 6pm for delicious locally sourced meals, award winning coffee and tasty sweet treats all in the gorgeous gardens by the bubbling Mulgum Creek. This is an opportunity to indulge yourself with wonderful music and fabulous food for this one off opportunity to witness the sweet sounds of Tom Dibb accompanied by his band.

All Ages. BYO permitted.

Joylanda Moyle on The Phoenix Rising Stage

Sat, Apr 1, 2017 12:30 PM

Joylanda Moyle is a local favourite and for good reason. She has a mystical voice reminiscent of a slightly tripped out Joni Mitchell and she plays a range of ethnic stringed instruments with great accomplishment. Add to that her unusual and distinctive approach to looping her voice and sounds creating an other worldly musical experience that perfectly compliments the gorgeous setting in the gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek. The Phoenix Rising Cafe is open for delicious healthy meals, award winning coffee and teas and fabulous sweets and cakes. Free Entry. All Ages. BYO.

The Dinkum Bohos on The Phoenix Rising Stage

Sun, Apr 2, 2017 12:30 PM

“With an hilarious piano duet, Vasudha and Jem had four hands on the keys at the same time. The pair synchronized, tantalized and made athletic changes of position-all without missing a beat.”

Dinkum Bohos are multi instrumentalists Vasudha Harte and Jem Edwards in a saucy sonic tryst. Coming from a freewheeling bohemian tradition that’s rooted in Australia’s rustic heart, they exude and embrace the sounds of the mystical deep green hinterland and the stunning golden beaches of the east coast, presenting a melting pot of music for runaway romantics. A musical tour de force, this synergistic pair have a depth of knowledge and years of experience playing several instruments and styles between them and the combination can be breathtaking. Dinkum Bohos have created a sound that is diverse and intimately their own drawn from inspiration around the world. They have wowed audiences with their continual swapping of instruments, surprising changes of mood and humourous extravagant piano four handers. The Phoenix Rising cafe will be open for healthy and delicious locally sourced meals, award winning coffee, sweets and treats. What better way to spend a Sunday than by listening to wonderful music in gorgeous gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek. Free Entry. All Ages. BYO

David Liebe Hart with musical backing by Th’Mole

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Thu, Apr 6, 2017 8:00 PM - Ticket price: David Liebe Hart $15.00

Supported by SPACECOWBOY4005 and David Theron.

$15 online. $20 at the door.

Rated 18+

Here's David Liebe Hart and friend performing The Email Song

David Liebe Hart is an outsider musician, artist, actor and painter. A true original, he has communicated with extra-terrestrials, owns a large collection of puppets, and is obsessed with trains. While his vast and bizarre catalogue of songs about aliens, religion, and failed relationships has yielded cult hits, such as "Salame", "Father & Son" and "Puberty", his recent collaborations with electronic musician Jonah Mociun, AKA Th' Mole, have propelled David Liebe Hart into previously unexplored territory.

Liebe Hart resides in Los Angeles but has a strong following in Australia and New Zealand, due mainly to the strong cult following of Tim & Eric's various shows on Cartoon Network and Comedy Central in which he has appeared many times. This will be David’s third Australian tour since 2013.

Throughout the past decade Liebe Hart has garnered a substantial and die-hard fan base, not only from his TV and film appearances but from his stints on the road performing music all across the US, UK, Ireland and Australia. His followers are extremely supportive and loyal, won over by David's obvious goodheartedness, honesty and hilarious idiosyncrasies, as well his fun and engaging stage shows. 

With Th’ Mole as backing musician, Liebe Hart puts on a show certain to please old fans and new ones alike.  In addition to renditions of David's old favourites, the duo will perform new songs along with puppets, projected video accompaniment, and David's oddly endearing stories of past relationships and paranormal encounters.

This is bizarre comedy mixed with social commentary with a strong absurdist streak. There really is no-one out there like David Liebe Hart to compare him to, but as a point of reference he is like Yo Gabba Gabba meets Devo, on acid!

David Liebe Hart will be supported by Spacecowboy4005, (Timo Bardsley) a prolific and edgy Brisbane based Trap Hip Hop performer and David Theron.  This will be a very special, unusual and original show, and all fans of the bizarre, absurd and idiosyncratic should pounce on this opportunity to to David Liebe Hart perform.

The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open from 6.30 with a range of delicious home locally sourced meals, award winning coffees and teas and delicious cakes and treats.

Dinner Under the Stars with Tori Forsyth and Carl the Bartender. The Phoenix Rising Stage.

Fri, Apr 7, 2017 6:30 PM

The Nimbin Bush Theatre is proud to announce another evening of excellent music and dining as part of the Dinner Under the Stars concert series.

Tori Forsyth is an alt-country star on the rise. With a voice reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris and songs that are equal parts sweet and gritty Tori Forsyth is as fragile and tough as a desert flower. Tori is no stranger to country music as she has lived and breathed a country lifestyle from a young age, now residing in rural Hunter Valley, NSW. Tori teamed up with ARIA award winning producers Shane Nicholson and Trent Crawford to create her long awaited debut EP 'Black Bird', a dark moody take on country folk music. The EP has gained success with the single of the same name 'Black Bird' charting at number 1 on Tamworth radio and number 1 on KIX country radio. Tori Forsyth was recently nominated for CMC's 'New Artist of The Year 2017' and is clearing catching the eye of alt-country fans nation wide. Her debut album that will be released in 2017.

Singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Benjamin Murphy aka “Carl the Bartender” has over a decade of performance and touring experience to his name, performing to crowds across Australia as well as overseas. Sharing the stage with acts such as, Tex Perkins, Shannon Noll, Dragon and Adam Eckersley to name a few, whilst touring with country, bluegrass and blues act, Good Corn Liquor. He has also delivered thoughts and words, assisting the band to release two studio disc's and playing over 400 venues across the country and appearing at festivals such as; Sydney Blues & Roots, Tamworth Country Music Festival and Bluesfest. Carl the Bartender is a quirky songwriter and charismatic singer. His raffish air and gorgeous voice makes listening to his tales a very sweet experience indeed. For this special performance Tori Forsyth will be playing with Carl the Bartender in his set, and he in turn will play in Tori’s set. Both artists compliment each other beautifully and this will be a showcase not to miss -two upcoming alt-country love children playing their songs together.

The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open from 6pm fro gorgeous locally sourced meals, award winning coffees and teas and a range of healthy sweet treats and delights. The gardens by the magical Mulgum Creek will be heavenly setting in which to spoil yourself with an impeccable banquet of world class music and foodie adventures. 

Entry by Donation. All Ages. BYO permitted.

Felicia Marie on the Phoenix Rising Stage

Sat, Apr 8, 2017 12:30 PM

Felicia Marie is a gorgeous folk singer with a rough edge and a strong heart. She plays originals and presents a solid and rousing interpretation of selected covers. The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open with delicious locally sourced meals, award winning coffee and yummy sweet treats. Free Entry. All Ages. BYO.

The Second Greatest Show on Earth! Show and Clowning Workshop, School Holiday Fun for Kids!

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 11:00 AM


11am Show $8.00 

1pm Workshop $5.00

“ Great professionalism from two experienced performers – dressed up as farcical satire, slapstick comedy, circus trickery and a huge love of the ridiculous. Kids love this show. Adults love this show. Catch it if you can!  Tweed Valley Weekly 

The Second Greatest Show on Earth returns to The Nimbin Bush Theatre in time for some school holiday fun! Last holidays we has a full house so don't miss the magic and excitement of this funny show!

The Second Greatest Show on Earth is a circus show for children and adults alike created and performed by well loved local circus performers Thomas Bailey and Michele Thomas. Between them these well known performers have pretty much covered most of Australia, from doing aerial theatre for the National Maritime celebrations on Sydney Harbour, to every circus and festival in between. Bailey is a talented narrative writer with a shambolic comedic air when he performs that children just love. Thomas is the gymnast and aerial queen with her own set of endearing clowning skills. Thomas and Bailey act out various roles in this story, utilising pathos to great slapstick comedy. As the show unfolds you meet a host of zany characters from Lorenzo the Ludicrious Lion Tamer to Fabiolla, to a lion, a weight lifter and a fan dancer that is tamed by Superhero Captain Chicken! Bailey plays acrobatically clumsy and inept to Thomas's great physical agility. Whether on a rope, a lyra, or acrobatically pouncing on Bailey, (tying up his legs, tripping him up, stealing his hat) she is a physical powerhouse with a cute and cheeky grin.

This is a great opportunity for children to watch and also participate in the ageless art of clowning and circus performance under the watchful eye of two entertaining and experienced facilitators. It will be a magical day out at the Nimbin Bush Theatre. The Phoenix Rising Cafe will be open for lunch with a wide range of tasty, healthy and kid friendly meal options plus superb locally sourced coffees, teas and treats, all situated in the colourful gardens by the beautiful Mulgum Creek.